Saturday, January 30, 2010

skate thrash anyone?

i don't know where this kick is coming from but it's here. the faction, spazz, charles bronson, sub society, odd numbers, suicidal tendencies, bad brains, whatever. i can't wait for the summer to come so i can shred again.

35, 2 kids and a wife. full time job, many side projects and skateboarding to kick it all together.

fuck getting old.

hip hop abs

been workin' on this here and there. tryin' to get in shape sucks balls.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dinosaur jr. is playing tomorrow in toronto

been a huge fan since the late 80's, ever since i first heard their song on a sant cruz video, or was it speed freaks wheels. anyways, the wife and i are heading up there for a grand ole time. i think it's about time you re-connect with them also.

Friday, January 15, 2010

had fun shooting MMA legend mike mcdonald

Last night was a riot. we went to rev mma in north york to film mike "the black viper, or sniper" mcdonald for training with pros on the fight network, sun tv and men tv. what a great time we had. can't wait till next tuesday when our host goes toe to toe.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i'm happy to announce that killwhitneydead is in the process of writing new material. fuck ya folks.

if you really like to go far out........

popul vuh folks. one of the leading godfathers of krautrock. tangerine dream and many other bands of the german scene. also did werner herzog's nosferatu.

lets really go way out there.

amon duul II. what a great video and song.

amon duul II are still and will be the epitome of psychedelic rock. amazing shit follks.

check out this video.

UK heavy metal. DIO?JUDAS PRIEST? 70's for sure.

these guys, lucifers friend are just rip roarin'.

seriously folks, these guys were waaaaay ahead of the times. along with bands such as warhorse, sir lord baltimore, captain beyond, left end, atomic rooster, etc....

old school heavy metal is surely the place for me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

swamp thing remake..........

Originally brought to the screen in the '80s by Wes Craven, "The Swamp Thing" was a disappointment. Now, decades later, it looks like Bernie Wrightson's original DC comics vision is going to be brought to the big screen right.

Akiva Goldsman, writer of "A Beautiful Mind," is penning a and told the LA Times that the film would be more in synch with the original comic book, the first six issues of which were probably the best thing that the format ever witnessed.

argento to remake deep red in 3D?

looks like argento will be remaking this is 3D.According to Italian blog, Dario Argento's next project is a remake of his greatest film ever -- "Deep Red"! And it's going to be in 3D!

Asia Argento may take the role previously played by her mother Daria Nicolodi in the 1975 original. This sounds like a prett...y bad idea for a film. Why not just make another giallo film with a Goblin soundtrack?

artie lang to kill himself? pretty weird shit.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

amon duul II. german underground psychedlia.... new album....

yeti, i would say is there best album. i can't believe that after almost 30 years they are putting out another album. i'm pretty sure they won't have the same feel as the drug days. the commune days. the LSD baby. anyways, cool to hear they are at it again. a definite resurgance in them from the internet age for sure.

man, it's so hard to get back into the healthy eating habits.....

salads, grains, oats, etc..... i'm shitting my pants. yeeeeeeeeha.

Monday, January 4, 2010

so the new skeleton of god is not that good

what a shame. it was , i believe 92 when there first ep came out entitled "urine garden" and man, that was a grindcore dream. full of weed, grooves and brutality. this one has seemed to have lost all of sog awesomeness. too much weirdness and not enough brutal. i can understand the amount of time in between albums has matured certain individuals but this was, meh.

sorry dudes, not my cup o' tea. primordial dominion does not impress me one bit. sweet ass artwork though.

wow, there was soooo much snow today

work sucked balls. that' all i gots to say.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

who likes psychedelic music???????????????

dudes, ever since i had my epiphany many moons ago, psych music has been an integral part of my life. bands including mike oldfield, amon duul, can, tangerine dream, pink floyd, yes, cosmic jokers, that sort of deal. even of the 60's style of eric burden and the animals, the collectors, the end, spirit, etc..... since that faithful night, everything changed, music wise for me. the searching of material i'd never thought i'd ever tread. i've been a metal, punk, hip hop guy forever, and classic rock, but psych? anyways, here's a few places i like to tread for some new tunes. 60's and 70's baby.

i love old school adult films

don't know about you but my lust for old school grows deeper and deeper all the time. i received a few films from alternative cinema and am looking foward to watching them bigtime. the music, the look, the ladies, the decorating, etc........

just watch this folks.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

here's some kick ass local doom folks. great band....

jim van bebber interview folks......

RIP chas balun

he was an awesome writer. an amazing artist. i have his books, his shirts, some hand writin' letters. a true underground freak, probs one of the reasons i admire him in a whole. ha ha. he passed away from his long time battle with cancer on the 18th of december. that really sucks, i've always wanted to interview the man, or do something with him to some degree. i'm small time compared to the rest of the industry but his views on everything was very impressive. a rocker, punk and freak all rolled up into one.

here is his home page for all ya'll who have no clue. really.
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hey folks, new years over. lets produce some shit.

man, bein' at home with the family has been amazing. nice to chill and relax for once. i'm always on the go. ideas, shooting, bands, writing, booking, etc...... i can't stoop. it's tough, really. how can you sit still when so many ideas keep flooding my brains, and it's nice to have my family be involved with shit once and a while. like i'm trying to finish up a pilot with my oldest son craven, called scary stuff. a kind of ghost reality show for kids. not llike ghost trackers on YTV, that seems very staged. lets get gritty and brutal. so we just need to jam a few tunes so i can edit the pilot up. keep a watch for that one. also, is always on the go. interviewing bands, editing, filming, booking, magazines, etc... now that is a huge undertaking but afun one at that. also trying to film my own footage for the horror side of things since i can't stop thinking about trying to be like argento, in his eraly years. now a buddy of mine ary todd van eyk wants to produce some shit also, comedy anyone? well, i hope this new decade really shapes up since i am ready to move on and really rock a good year.

lets do this shit folks, i'm tired of fuckin' around.

Friday, January 1, 2010

i'm blogging.

i can't belive it. i'm on here. does enyone on here even know that i exist? should i even continue with all this madness? hello? i love the shit that people don't.