Saturday, January 2, 2010

hey folks, new years over. lets produce some shit.

man, bein' at home with the family has been amazing. nice to chill and relax for once. i'm always on the go. ideas, shooting, bands, writing, booking, etc...... i can't stoop. it's tough, really. how can you sit still when so many ideas keep flooding my brains, and it's nice to have my family be involved with shit once and a while. like i'm trying to finish up a pilot with my oldest son craven, called scary stuff. a kind of ghost reality show for kids. not llike ghost trackers on YTV, that seems very staged. lets get gritty and brutal. so we just need to jam a few tunes so i can edit the pilot up. keep a watch for that one. also, is always on the go. interviewing bands, editing, filming, booking, magazines, etc... now that is a huge undertaking but afun one at that. also trying to film my own footage for the horror side of things since i can't stop thinking about trying to be like argento, in his eraly years. now a buddy of mine ary todd van eyk wants to produce some shit also, comedy anyone? well, i hope this new decade really shapes up since i am ready to move on and really rock a good year.

lets do this shit folks, i'm tired of fuckin' around.

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