Monday, February 8, 2010

don't you get the feelling sometimes........

that you are on your right path of choice. that things that you are involved with feel right? that the things you do will make a difference? that the things you do still have as much of an impact as when you where young?

the last one really hits a chord. i was at my place of work last night and some of the ideas i had for the shows and little stories/shorts give me that goosebump/excited chill i had like when i first heard napalm death or watched zombie creeping flesh when i was like 13 or so. i'm glad that this side of me has not left in my adulthood. i still feeel that excited/butterfly tumbling in my stomach as if i was still 13 and finding all this new shit to help shape my life and future. it is also nice to when the ones that you love fully support all that i do.

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